GPRTU distances itself from supposed 30% hike in transport fares

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) has distanced itself from the reported 30 percent in transport fares by some commercial bus drivers.

The union has said it expects to conclude its negotiations with the government on Monday, February 21, 2022, after which it will officially announce new fares.

The GPRTU’s remarks come after a group of drivers calling themselves the Committed Transport Operators announced a 30 percent increase in fares because of the rising fuel prices.

“That is their decision. We at GPRTU and the rest of the coalition are not parties to that decision.” the General Secretary of the GPRTU, Gilbert Abulbire, said to Citi News.

He indicated that his outfit also favoured a 30 percent increase in fares, but is being urged to compromise by the government.

“Government said the margin that we wanted to increase was too high and that we needed to waive off some of the areas we are talking about.”

He added that “there hasn’t been any conclusion that price increases should be effected when we have only begun negotiations.”

The Committed Drivers Association is, however, standing by its increase in the transport fares.

Its chairman, Charles Danso, also questioned the lack of action from the GPRTU on the possible increase in fares.

“It is very annoying. Drivers are suffering. Car owners are losing,” he said to Citi News.

Mr. Danso further said his outfit did not need to wait on the GPRTU before increasing fares.

“If lawyers are increasing consultation fees, do they consult the Chief Justice before they do that,” he argued.

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