This year’s commemorative tree planting exercise, dubbed Green Ghana Day 2024, has been held at Burma Camp in Accra, with a call on Ghanaians to endeavour to make the day a success.
The exercise is targeted at planting 10 million trees nationwide at the end of the exercise. Since the inception of the GREEN Ghana Day, about 42 million trees have been planted, with an average success rate of 73 percent.

Addressing the audience, President said
our world stands at a critical juncture. Climate change poses a great threat to our world, citing some example. heat wave in South Sudan.
The destruction of the earth’s biodiversity is leading to disasters diseases and death.
Forest play a vital role in combating these threats.

The President highlighted the dire situation, stating that world forests are under severe threat with serious implications for food security and national development.
He said Africa suffered the most and Ghana has committed to reducing its carbon footprint by 64,000 metric tons by 2030.

He outlined a compact project that will safeguard and prevent the degradation of the nation’s ecosystems.
He revealed that Ghana has planted some 42 million trees, most of which are thriving and 52 million trees in four years,, calling it an incredible success.

The theme must inspire us, as it captured the essence of this day, a clarion call to build a tomorrow and an invitation to all Ghanaians to plant a tree.
He said the tree painting exercise must not end today, as through these efforts we can meet the sdg goals and he called on the private sector to embrace this initiative.

The minister of defense, Dominic Nitiwul
said the forests are not only a source of biodiversity but also provide a mechanism for the nations security and the Ghanaian armed forces are proud to contribute to promoting sustainable land management practices.
He urged all to demonstrate their commitment to secure a greener tomorrow for Ghana.

Samuel Abu Jinapor, the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, paid tribute to the Ghanaian military for their efforts in protecting the nation’s environment.
He disclosed that last year Ghana received payments from a redd+ program and is implementing several efforts aimed at restoring forest cover, The initiatives are yielding results with decreased rate of deforestation.

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