Hearts Of Oak MD Blames Media For Lack Of Sponsorship For GPL

Managing Director of Accra Hearts of Oak, Frederick Moore has blamed the media for lack of corporate bodies interest in sponsoring the Ghanaian topflight league.

According to him, reporting on the negative aspect of the game prevent corporate bodies from investing in Ghana football and has, therefore, entreated the media to report positively and accurately.

He affirmed his outfit has lost several sponsorship deals because of the negative reportage by the media.

“If I tell you the number of sponsorships that we’ve lost because of negative press you will probably think I’m lying. We got a sponsor a close to four star hotel who was prepared to give us free accommodation for two days for every home game and we lost it”

“Ones the information comes out as negative the you say it or not 50% of the people will believe one thing and the other 50% will believe the other, you are never going to get it right” he said.


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