Hon. Kennedy Akompreko Agyapong Advises The Youth To Work Hard To Enjoy God’s Blessings

The successful businessman and MP for Assin Central, Hon Kennedy Akompreko Agyapong has advised the youth of Koforidua to aim high and work hard and that by so doing, they can be much more successful than he, Kennedy Agyapong.

Hon Kennedy Agyapong was at Koforidua with the MP for New Juaben South and deputy minister for Trade, Hon Kofi Okyere Baafi whose ambition is to transform the lives of people in his constituency and to raise the status of Koforidua.

In his motivational message, Hon Kennedy Agyapong said people should not sit and say “Onyame b3y3”.
He charged the people to work with their brains and hands.

Hon Kennedy Agyapong stated emphatically that he is never against Christian worship and prayers but the truth is that God helps those who help themselves

Hon Kennedy Akompreko Agyapong then released his “Miracle of Success”.
He said many, many people are failing because of unfaithfulness.

Other factors to success Hon Kennedy Agyapong listed are hard-working, sacrifice, honesty and above all being ready to take risks.

He said with these marks, they are bound to go beyond the limit.

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