Honda is alerting consumers about engine problems in a number of its car models. The company has recalled roughly 250,000 automobiles, according to AP News. On Friday (November 17), the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released documentation related to the recall. The connecting rod bearings were the source of the mechanical problem, according to Honda.

Because of the way the bearings were made, they might “wear and seize.” If this occurs, engine damage may ensue. The damaged engines could “run improperly or stall while driving, increasing the risk of a fire, crash, or injury,” per the statement.

Honda notes that no injuries have been reported as a result of the manufacturing fault as of yet. However, according to the Associated Press, drivers have filed 1,450 warranty claims over the issue.

The recall affects the following models: ACURA/MDX/2016-2020, ACURA/TLX/2015-2020, HONDA/ODYSSEY/2018-2019, HONDA/PILOT/2016, 2018-2019, and HONDA/RIDGELINE/2017, 2019. Pickup trucks, minivans, SUVs, and automobiles are among the kinds available. According to the two-page NHTSA document, the company submitted its recall report on November 13. What’s next? Honda is allegedly planning to contact car owners by letter beginning January 2. Meanwhile, dealers will repair or replace damaged engines at no cost.

Honda’s announcement comes only days after Toyota issued a similar recall notice for 1.8 million cars.
Their recall was caused by “a fire risk from some replacement batteries.” As previously stated, the afflicted batteries did not have the “correct dimensions.” If the battery shakes loose while in use, it might cause a fire.

In September, Kia and Hyundai faced a similar car recall. However, the number of automobiles affected by their situation exceeds three million. Their fault was fluid leakage from the anti-lock braking system, which might cause a fire. The recall was prioritized owing to the possibility of leaking when the automobile was in motion or stopped.


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