If Need Be, Okada Will Be Legalized – Ambrose Dery

Interior Minister Ambrose Derby  has wondered how former President John Dramani Mahama failed to address the economic needs of commercial motorcycles (Okada) riders while in office.

He said Okada was in the country before Mr Mahama became the president of the land but watched on unconcerned as their illegal activities went on.

Mr Dery told journalists on the sidelines of the launch of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) manifesto document on Saturday, August 22 that the road traffic regulations currently frown upon such a business in the country but if need be, the trade will be legalized.

Mr Mahama on his campaign trail said Okada employs more than some of the initiatives introduced by the government.

Therefore, he said, “This is a service that has come to stay. Whether you legalize it or not, you cannot stop it and so why behave like the ostrich and bury your head in the sand.

“These okadas have created more jobs in this economy than any government job-related policy. It has created more jobs than NABCo, it has created more jobs than YEA and all those artificial job creation programs,” John Mahama said.

But Mr Dery said: “John Mahama was president before and okada was with us. He didn’t do anything about it. Okada riders are not above the law.

“We have traffic lights but when others stop, they pass. So we need to allow them to operate, but if we do, they have to operate within the law. Currently, we are not legalizing it.

“Okada should be harmonized and as far as possible, if the law permits them to operate effectively and contribute to the general good, we will consider it,” he said.


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