IMF programme won’t affect free SHS, other flagship programmes – Government

The Ministry of Finance says government flagship programmes like the free SHS policy and Agenda 111 among others, will not be scrapped following the government’s decision to seek an IMF bailout.

The Ministry says government will ensure that pro-poor policies are not affected by the IMF conditionalities.

The government last Friday announced plans to seek help from the IMF after home-grown solutions failed to yield positive results.

A document sighted by Citi News titled Frequently Asked Questions As Government Engages the IMF for a possible bailout said key flagship programmes such as the Free SHS policy, Agenda 111, among others will not be tampered with.

According to the document, the Free SHS policy, among others are good social intervention programmes.

It also said revenue-generating avenues like E-levy will be maintained.

It said despite its underperformance, the government has been reviewing its implementation strategy to minimise evasion of the tax.

The government also allayed fears that the IMF programme will affect employment in the public sector.

“The IMF works with member countries to achieve sustainable growth and prosperity by supporting economic  policies and programmes that promote financial stability and monetary cooperation, which are essential to increase productivity, job creation and well-being.”


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