International Women’s Day 2022: Celebrating our Ghanaian female celebrities

These celebrities effortlessly combined the stress of being in the spotlight whilst excelling in their various field of work.

Ghanaian female celebrities

International Women’s Day is celebrated across countries, around the world today. The day is about recognizing women’s achievement and their contributions to society. People express their gratitude to the women around them in various ways, by either giving them a gift or writing a note for them.

Ghana has been working on the development of women in various fields to bring equality to the country. Women have come a long way and have broken the glass ceiling several times while proving their mettle in many fields. From science and technology to astronomy, politics and sports, women have achieved a benchmark in every profession.

Over the years, women have gained momentum in various fields. And Ghanaian women are no exceptions.

Their equal participation and leadership and public life are essential to achieving a better growing country and younger generations.

  • Nana Ama McBrown

The actress is a superwoman and we applaud her for her great influence in the entertainment industry.

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