The National Communications Authority (NCA) has outlined that restoration of internet services nationwide is anticipated to take approximately five weeks following disruptions experienced since Thursday, March 14, 2024, due to cuts in undersea fibre optic cables, crucial components for internet connectivity in Ghana.
These disruptions have resulted in a significant disruption of businesses and online services and several Ghanaians have been unable to access the internet.
Mobile Network Operations are facing an internet outage due to cuts in undersea fibre optic cables, critical components for internet connectivity in Ghana.
The NCA in its earlier update, said all four (4) subsea cables from Ghana to Europe through Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal are out of service, which is the reason for the nationwide internet outage
On the roadmap to the restoration of full services, the NCA held a meeting with all subsea cable landing service providers and the three affected mobile operators: AT, MTN, and Telecel.
At the meeting, it was disclosed that the service providers have remotely identified the approximate locations of the damage and are in the process of mobilizing repair vessels to the affected areas. The NCA emphasized its commitment to ongoing collaboration with relevant stakeholders to ensure the expeditious completion of the repair work.
The NCA indicated in a statement that based on current assessments, the full restoration of connectivity is estimated to necessitate a minimum of five weeks and assured the public of its dedication to overseeing the restoration process and ensuring that internet services are reinstated as swiftly as possible.
In a related development, Telecel Ghana says it has secured a new internet capacity and is progressively adding more capacities through local and international partners, including other Telecel subsidiaries, to give Ghanaians maximum access to data services.
The company reassured customers that more services will be restored as it continues to secure extra capacity to address the ongoing disruptions in internet connections.
Telecel and other telecom companies lost data connections earlier this week due to multiple fibre optic cable cuts undersea.

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