IPGC Says No To War And Calls For Peaceful Resolution Of Impasse In Niger

The Global President and Chairman Of the Supreme Council, IPGC, Amb. Dr. Jonathan Ojadah on behalf of his august organization, has called for a peaceful and civil resolution, instead of war, to the impasse in Niger, in the face of a looming military intervention by the ECOWAS High command, whose ultimatum to the Junta to hand over to constitutional rule, expires on Sunday.

He said the facts reveal that ECOWAS has militarily intervened in the following countries ;

1. Liberia in 1990

2. Sierra Leone in 1997

3. Guinea Bissau in 1999

4. Côte d’Ivoire in 2003

5. Liberia in 2003

6. Mali in 2013

7. The Gambia in 2017. ,

and that all the interventions were successful and democracy was restored after the processes. 

The IPGC also understands that ECOWAS is mandated to honor the charter signed on the 6th of July, 1991 to promote and protect democracy in member states and so this is NOT about H.E. President Tinubu, the current ECOWAS Chairman, but about the constitution of ECOWAS. 

The IPGC is however,  calling on the Chairman of the ECOWAS, H.E Bola Ahmed Tinubu to devise other Conflict resolution mechanisms or ADR processes instead of resorting to military intervention or war. 

He cautioned against any further conflagration and escalation of conflicts, to an already polarised and unstable sub-region where there are constant attacks and raids by jihadists and other terrorist groups at the expense of innocent lives.

He said the Supreme Council of the IPGC, is ready to offer its Conflict Resolution Expertise and services, to broker a negotiated peace between the ECOWAS High Command and the junta,  to curtal and offset unexpected and imminent destruction of properties and lives that are likely to materialize in the war, if it happens, especially in the face of the appeal to the Wagner group by the putschists in Niger for assistance.

By: Dr. Mosey Okine

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