As they sought to get access to food assistance trucks in northern Gaza, hundreds of people were injured when Israeli soldiers reportedly opened fire. Over 100 civilians were killed. When food trucks carrying relief arrived in western Gaza City, the starving Palestinians gathered around them to await their arrival, but Israeli soldiers opened fire on them.

According to one eyewitness, the food trucks killed Palestinian civilians by mistake as they raced away from the onslaught of gunshots. Thousands of people can be seen in IDF drone footage waiting for food on Gaza City’s Haroun Al Rasheed Street and then running away after Israeli soldiers began fire. Per Palestinian sources, there were over 700 injuries and at least 104 civilian deaths. The Palestinian Red Crescent’s Ahmad Abu Al Foul anticipates that as long as bodies are left on the streets, this figure will rise. The route is blocked by rubble, making it impossible for ambulances to get to the dead. One of the bloodiest instances since the Israel-Hamas war began is said to have occurred in this manner.

CNN reports that although eyewitnesses and Palestinian authorities have released in-depth testimonies, the Israeli military is presenting a different picture.

Israel said that it’s forces only started shooting at the throng after civilians “threatened them.” Authorities assert that before they started stealing goods, Gaza residents flocked to relief vehicles.

“Dozens of Gazan’s were injured during the incident as a result of pushing and trampling,” the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) told CNN.

Local journalist Khadeer Al Za’anoun saw the enormous throng assembling on Friday surrounding a fleet of vehicles delivering supplies for the locals. Despite this, he asserts that they had nothing to do with the disarray and confusion that struck the Sheikh Ajleen area. Additionally, the military said that food relief vehicles were involved in two accidents. One featured northward-moving relief trucks. The result was citizens being run over as the cars were encircled. On another occasion, Israeli forces opened fire when a mob of Gazan citizens approached them.

The relief convoy was not targeted, according to IDF spokesman Daniel Hargari. “I’d want to say that again. The relief convoy was not targeted by an IDF attack. Conversely, he argued, “The IDF was there carrying out a humanitarian operation.”

According to Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, a spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces, the trucks were private automobiles, and it was unclear who was sending the assistance. Since Israeli soldiers entered Gaza City, assistance supplies have stalled, leaving many Palestinians in danger of famine.

Despite the possibility that it would impact peace efforts and hostage negotiations, President Joe Biden said he is investigating the violent event, according to CNN.

The number of deaths in Gaza is now allegedly over 30,000, according to United Nations organizations. More than 500,000 citizens are in danger of starvation.

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