For the second day in a row, trucks carrying aid have crossed from Egypt into war-torn Gaza as Israel intensified strikes on the Palestinian enclave in the war sparked by Hamas’s bloody attack.
Seventeen aid trucks entered the Gaza Strip from Egypt on Sunday to assist the Palestinian territory, which has been bombarded and besieged by Israel since the beginning of the conflict with Hamas, as reported by an AFP correspondent.
On Saturday, after the first convoy of 20 trucks passed through, the UN estimated that the cargo was only equivalent to 4% of Gaza’s daily imports before the start of the war. They also stated that at least 100 trucks per day would be needed for the 2.4 million Gazans, half of whom are children, who are deprived of essential supplies.
Shell fragments from an Israeli tank have hit the Egyptian border, injuring at least seven people, including several Egyptian border guards, according to the militaries of both countries. The incident occurred late Sunday, with the Israeli military confirming that it “accidentally” hit the Egyptian position near the border with the Gaza Strip.
The accidental blast occurred just hours after a second convoy of aid trucks entered the Egyptian side of the Rafah border crossing to head towards Gaza.
The Israeli military has said one of its soldiers was killed by an anti-tank missile reportedly shot by the Palestinian armed group Hamas during a raid into the Gaza Strip by the Israeli Army.
Three other soldiers were injured in the raid on Sunday, according to the statement that came as the Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, announced on its Telegram account that it had pushed Israeli forces back into Israel.
Israel had prevented aid from entering the crossing as it continued to bomb the Gaza Strip for more than two weeks, in response to an incursion by Hamas on Israeli soil on October 7.
UN officials say at least 100 trucks a day are required in Gaza to respond to the crisis.
Before the outbreak of recent events, several hundred trucks had been arriving there daily.
Israel has continued to bomb the Gaza Strip for more than two weeks in response to an incursion by Hamas on Israeli soil on October 7. The strike on the camp comes as the death toll in Gaza has climbed to 4,651 and the number of injured to 14,245 since the Hamas attack, according to the besieged enclave’s health ministry.

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