Joe Jonas saw or heard something with Sophie Turner that prompted him to petition for divorce, and it includes a ring camera.

Sources have learned from multiple people who have had direct contact with Joe… Joe had access to a ring cam, which he said filmed Sophie saying or doing anything that made him understand the marriage was over.

Joe and Sophie’s marriage had been on the rocks for at least six months due to a considerable lifestyle difference. “She likes to party; he likes to stay at home,” one person said. They lead quite different lives.” TMZ broke the story.

Joe has had the kids practically all of the time during the last three months, as reported. Sophie was in London, but Joe and his brothers were traveling the United States with his two tiny children in tow.

We know Joe spoke with at least two divorce attorneys last week. Despite the fact that both lawyers are in Los Angeles, he opted to file divorce papers in Florida on Tuesday.

“After four wonderful years of marriage, we have mutually decided to amicably end our marriage,” Joe and Sophie wrote in a joint statement Wednesday. There are several hypotheses as to why.

Sophie Turner was struggling following the delivery of her second child, and Joe Jonas was “less than supportive,” according to many individuals who were with Joe after the birth.

According to sources, Sophie didn’t want to leave their house when their youngest kid was born a year ago in July. She didn’t want to be photographed or attend events. Despite this, she attended numerous gatherings with Joe, but at one particular event, several individuals who were present stated Sophie made it plain she was uncomfortable and didn’t want to be there.

Soon after, there was another function that Joe attended but Sophie did not. According to our sources, Joe was concerned that Sophie had gone missing and that she needed to get out more. The folks who were present and heard Joe could tell there was tension in the relationship.

What’s remarkable is that, as we previously reported, Joe seems to have turned the tables in the final six months, claiming that she was too into partying.

Sources close to Joe recognize “challenges in the relationship,” but claim Joe was supportive of Sophie landing the London acting position.

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