Jubilee House Holds Press Briefing

The Director of Communication at the Presidency, Eugene Arhin says the President has in his six (6) months visits to the sixteen (16) regions of the country has Commissioned twelve (12) factories in different districts in the country in furtherance of the 1D1F policy, which is bringing 278 industrial enterprises into being, 104 of which have been completed.

He also Inspected and or commissioned ten (10) hospital infrastructures, Commissioned the new Regional Co-ordinating Council Building in the Western North Region, and inspected ongoing work on the five remaining Regional structures.

Again, he Commissioned seven (7) newly constructed district and municipal assembly district buildings, Inspected ongoing work on eight (8) educational infrastructure.

He also Commissioned a number of key infrastructural projects for the Fire Service and the Military, Inspected ongoing work at the Kumasi Airport and
Commissioned a number of water projects, as well as waste management projects across the country.

The Director of Communication, Mr. Eugene Arhin says the Official presidential delegation to the COP 26 was 24 including His excellency the President,

the Minister for Foreign Affairs. The Minister for energy, the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, and the Minister for Environment Science, Technology and Innovation as well as officials of the presidency and foreign Ministry but not 338 as has been alleged by some individuals.

He explained that there were many agencies under the United Nations organization who went on their own from Ghana in accordance with the United Nations’ regulations to participate and some as observers.

Touching on some recent comments made by the President of the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference, Most Reverend Philip Naameh, at the Catholic Bishops Conference held in Wa, capital of the Upper West Region.

He said, In as much as this administration is extremely tolerant of divergent views, and welcomes criticisms of its work, we believe these criticisms should be well-founded and well-grounded in fact, as this is the only way an honest conversation, devoid of malice and propaganda, can be held.

Adding that, President Akufo-Addo took office in January 2017, and, again, in January 2021, and pledged to protect the public purse, and that is exactly what he has done, and continues to do.

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