The Chief Justice (CJ), Getrude Sackey Torkornoo, has vowed to change the tag of corruption, ineptitude and inefficiency that had become an albatross around the neck of the Judiciary and Judicial Service.
In order to shake off these tags, she noted, training needed to be supplemented with consistent culture changing strategies to deepen ethical models of work in the courts.
Judicial administration must also close the gaps through which court users are subjected to exploitation and rent seeking behaviour.
Chief Justice Torkornoo was speaking at the launch of Law, Ethics, Assets, Due Process and Digitization, Law (LEADing Justice)’, which is her vision for the judiciary in Accra, yesterday.
She told the gathering that court officials are expected to work with independence, with impartiality, competence, and integrity.
However, much of these ethical values are lost in the heavy traffic of human inter-facing between court officials and court users, including unknown brokers functioning around the courts.

The chief Justice also reiterated her concern about the way the courts have been overwhelmed with land related cases. She intended to call a Land Conference for discussion on the huge numbers of land disputes streaming across all regions of our country.
According to Her Lordship, it’s her duty to call for such conversations that will assist all Ghanaians to break these high walls against the easy flow of capital and investments into the country because of the uncertainty of security of investment in landed property.

Speaking at the same function, the president of the Ghana Bar Association, Yaw Acheanpong Boafo stated that the GBA has offered its full support to the Chief Justice.
He explained that Her Ladyship is leading the judiciary at a critical time where demand for accountability is high but there is no doubt about the capacity of the Chief Justice.

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