Ken Agyapong’s record of sincerity and philanthropy stands tall among his peers

Our attention has been drawn to some vile propaganda against our candidate Ken Ohene Agyapong on some social media platforms. The propaganda believed to have been churned out by some faceless individuals from the camp of our opponents is for all intent and purpose to discredit our candidate.

In a subtle jab, these faceless individuals, through their propaganda materials sought to question the sincerity of Ken Ohene Agyapong’s promise to use his salary as President to establish a scholarship scheme to support needy but brilliant students.

They reason that, by accepting his allowances as Board Chairman of Ghana Gas as well as remuneration from his legitimate business earnings, he cannot be trusted to keep his promise.

We wish to state unequivocally that not only are the assertions stated above infantile but they also demonstrate profound nervousness within the competing camps that Ken Agyapong’s listening tour to hear directly from the people is generating excitement unparalleled by their feeble efforts to emulate same.

Ken Ohene Agyapong has demonstrated throughout his political life that he is not someone who dabbles in deceit for political gains. Not only is he seen by many as one of the few credible voices in our political space today, but he is also seen as someone who honors his pledges of support, especially to the less fortunate.

Unlike, some of his opponents. Ken Agyapong can boast of massive support for the party both at the top echelons and at the grassroots.

There is no gainsaying that the growing popularity of Ken’s campaign at the grassroots is causing considerable nervousness among his competitors. The infantile attacks, notwithstanding, Ken Agyapong is still committed to a civil and sane internal campaign and would not resort to any form of abrasive tactics to destroy anyone in our party. But he will respond to falsehood and misinformation.

We wish to caution that all aspirants and their hirelings or assigns stay within the party’s code, which mandates all to ensure a decorous campaign to make reconciliation after the elections easy for all. Let us remember the real opponent we face out there is the NDC and not ourselves.


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