Kenyan President William Ruto has promised emergency financial assistance to every household affected by and displaced by floods in Nairobi. Speaking during a visit to the affected areas in the capital’s dense informal settlements, Ruto pledged to give each family 10,000 shillings (75 USD) and vowed to rebuild all schools destroyed by floods.
“The government has set aside 1 billion Kenyan shillings (7.5 million USD) to rebuild all the schools affected by floods before re-opening schools,” he told the crowd.

Ruto postponed the planned reopening of schools this week until further notice, as heavy rains and floods that have killed more than 200 people continue. He further explained how his flagship, ‘Affordable Housing Project, will go on to end such flooding-related displacements in the future… “I will announce the construction of 20,000 houses that will help people in Nairobi living in informal settlements like this one,” he said.
The head of state insisted that it was the only way to not only give the people dignified dwellings but also a key strategy to safeguard the riparian lands and avert future crises.
Kenya and other parts of East Africa have been overwhelmed by flooding, with more than 150,000
displaced people living in camps across the country.

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