Lack of hard evidence is the cause of court ruling against Special Prosecutor..— Legal Practitioner

Lack of hard evidence is the cause of the court ruling against the Special Prosecutor’s Legal Practitioner.

Private Legal Practitioner Lawyer Alex Gyamfi has outlined the lack of hard evidence as the basis why the court ordered the office of the special prosecutor to return Hon. Cecilia Dapaah’s cash it took from her residence back to her within 7 days.

According to the legal practitioner, courts do not base their judgment on speculations and assumptions but rather on hard evidence.

Speaking to Oman News about the order given to the OSP to return Hon. Cecilia Dapaah’s cash to him and unfreeze her bank accounts within 7 days by the court, Lawyer Alex Gyamfi said he believes the OSP acted on the case based on public information and outbursts and did not do much to ascertain the actual facts of the case.

Lawyer Alex Gyamfi also advised the public not to be judgmental on issues, especially in the case of Hon. Cecilia Dapaah, when all facts have not been established, because they could also be made to face the law for defamation.

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