Let’s Play Our Roles Contain The Spread Of The Disease- Head Of Surveillance Disease

The Head of Disease Surveillance at the Health Service, Dr. Franklin Asiedu Bekoe has called on all Ghanaians to ensure that we all play our roles as expected of us so that together we can contain the disease in it’s spreads.

He said the Ghana Health Service has done a lot to ensure that the disease is contained to the barest minimum so the public also take precautionary measures to augment the efforts of the authorities because it’s a collective fight.

Dr. Asiedu Bekoe said the nation has to learn from the neighboring countries who first reported cases of the outbreak.

He also called on Ghanaians not to panic but to have absolute faith in what the Ghana Health Service and authorities are doing to contain the disease.

He further added that because the disease was imported into the country, it is not as critical as those that would have emerged from Ghana itself.

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