A total of 182,831 eligible voters have been registered in the first six days of the ongoing limited voter registration exercise being conducted across the country, the Electoral Commission has revealed.
The figure was disclosed by the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Jean Mensa, at a press briefing in Accra dubbed “Let the Citizen Know” on Monday.
On September 12, 2023, the Limited Voters’ Registration Exercise began at all 268 district offices nationwide for eligible Ghanaians aged 18 and above to enroll in the register. It formed part of the EC’s preparations for the conduct of the district-level elections and the 2024 general elections.

“At the end of six days, we have recorded a total of 182,831 registered voters. Western region recorded 11,644 persons, representing 6.4% of those registered; Western North registered 6,491 persons, representing 3.6%; Central region registered 17,590 persons, representing 9.6%; Greater Accra region registered 27,264 persons, representing 14.9%; Volta region registered 12,681 persons, representing 6.9%.” “Oti region registered 4,427 representing 2.4%; Eastern region registered 19,327 representing 10.6%; Ashanti region registered 29,255 representing 16%; Bono region registered 6,580 representing 3.6%; Ahafo region registered 4,244 representing 2.3%; Upper East registered 8,639 representing 4.7%; and Upper West region registered 5,241 representing 2.9%,” Mensa stated.
The registration period will conclude on Monday, October 2, 2023.
Jean Mensa also refuted allegations during the press conference that the EC is attempting to disenfranchise people through the ongoing voter registration process.
Her remark follows charges by the NDC that the EC was collaborating with the NPP to prevent qualified voters from registering for the ongoing election.
The NDC accused the commission of intentionally sending faulty registration machines to their strongholds, making it difficult for first-time voters to register. But responding, the EC Chairperson described the allegations as false.

“As a Commission, we are working around the clock to ensure that every eligible voter or person who is eligible to register does so with ease. We have heard allegations from various quarters that the Commission is disenfranchising eligible voters and this is false. “It is not in our interest to disenfranchise any eligible voter. We pride ourselves that our voter register meets international best practices. “We are well aware that the Commission’s policy to use our 268 district offices as registration centres have attracted some criticism from some section of society and as you are all aware, the Commission conducted a full-blown registration exercise in some 33,000 plus polling stations in 2020 and it is important to note that the current exercise is an update of the register.”
She stressed that the restriction of the registration to its district offices will not in any way disenfranchise voters.
She revealed that the EC plans to hold continuous registration in the district offices as well as mop-up exercises in hard-to-reach areas before the 2024 elections.

“It is important to note that this will not be the only registration exercise we will have before the 2024 elections.”

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