Forty-five (45) final-year student choristers of the Mafi Kumase Senior High Technical School (MAKSTEC) in the Central Tongu District of the Volta Region have been honored with certificates at a ‘fufu’ and ‘sobolo’ party for their contribution to the development of the school choir over the years.
The choir also treated the dignitaries and fans at the event to some of its melodious songs.
The MAKSTEC School Choir has been described as the ‘Angelic Voices’ because of its remarkable performances not only among the community of second-cycle institutions in the Volta Region but also beyond its borders.
This success story of the MAKSTEC Choir has largely been due to the instrumentality of the Patron of the Choir, who also doubles as the Music and Choir Master of the school. Mr. Eric Selorm Ansah’s skills and knowledge in choral music have raised the banner of the school beyond measure.
According to Mr. Ansah, the ‘fufu’ and ‘sobolo’ parties for the final year students were aimed, amongst other things, at encouraging both the choristers and showing that there is a reward for hard work and sacrifice. In his view, even though some of these extra-curricular activities of students are not examinable, they play a crucial role in their overall academic lives.
The Patron described the performance of his choir as spectacular and very encouraging, saying the sky is always the limit. He mentioned the lack of funds to produce a musical album and the absence of some musical instruments, as well as costumes, as some of the major challenges bedevilling the school choir.
The outgoing President of the Choir, Master Dela Edo Avornyo, mentioned some of the achievements of the school choir, including its impressive performance in the 2023 Ghana Independence Day anniversary celebration held at Adaklu in the Volta Region in March 2023.
In that event, the MAKSTEC Choir became the first to sing the national anthem in Ewe to the admiration of thousands of dignitaries.
Mr. Avornyo said the choir has had an impact not only within the Mafi Kumase enclave but also in neighboring towns and villages within and outside the Volta Region.
According to him, MAKSTEC Choir has been the national cultural festival champions since 2008 and is still reigning.
Former Headmaster of the school, Mr. Augustine Seraphine Dumashie, who was the Special Guest of Honor at the event, lauded the choir for its modest achievements and urged the outgoing students to enter the larger world with hard work, sacrifice, and perseverance.
According to him, music is food for the soul, adding that he has always been proud of the performance of the school choir.
Award certificates as well as certificates of membership in the choir were presented to all the outgoing final-year students.
A former headmaster, Mr. Augustine Dumashie, an English Tutor, Mr. Augustine Ocloo, a mathematics tutor, Mr. Raphael Abotsi, and one of the guests, Mr. Seth Asasey, presented the certificates to the deserving choristers.
The Choir President, Master Avornyo, in return, presented a citation to Mr. Ansah for his commitment and the impact he had made on their lives.
The citation described Mr. Ansah as a visionary leader and a teacher who should be emulated by all and sundry.

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