Members Of Western Togoland Allegedly Beat Up STC Drivers, Burn Bus

A group of persons believed to be members of Western Togoland separatist movement has attacked the State Transport Corporation (STC) in the Volta regional capital of Ho.

In this latest attack allegedly carried out by the group which follows an earlier attack on some state institutions and police stations including mounting of roadblocks on Friday 25th September 2020 some drivers in the yard were beaten while two vehicles belonging to the company were set ablaze.

The vehicles including a 14-seater bus with registration number, GG-4054-19 was burnt totally while the second one GG-1737-19 had parts of it burnt.

The incident was said to have happened around 2:30am on Monday.

In an interview with Starr News’ Faisel Abdul-Iddrisu, a driver and victim, David Owusu Acheampong who was caught up in the attack narrates his ordeal.

β€œI was sleeping in the bus around 2am when I heard a gunshot and so I tried escaping but I realised the car was set on fire. But when I was running out, one of the men pointed a gun at me and asked me to lay down on the floor which I did but he used the gun to hit my ribs.”

β€œThat was the time the security came out but he was also beaten and so when he had his way, he scaled the wall and escaped and I also followed suit,” he added.

Currently, operations have been halted while joint police and military team has taken over the yard.

According to the regional manager of the facility, Richard Ahiafor, operations would only resume as at when a directive comes from the head office in Accra.

As to wether the office of the facility has been looted, that is yet to be confirmed.


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