Minimum wage cap for Ghana Premier League players to begin 2023-24 season

GFA President Mr. Kurt Edwin Simeon-Okraku has disclosed that the minimum wage cap for Ghana Premier League players will commence in the 2023-24 season.

Mr. Okraku confirmed that there have been some discussions with the Professional Footballers Association of Ghana regarding the smooth implementation of the policy.

“Beyond the introduction of the standard player contact, we have also been discussing the introduction of minimum wages for professional players in this country,” Mr. Okraku said during the dinner with the Legends event on Saturday.

“Again, in my visit to the PFAG, we discussed this policy. This policy will go through the internal process and God willing next season, we should introduce minimum player salaries for professional players in this country.”

“I understand that there is an insurance scheme for Ex-players of our national teams led by the PFAG. We would explore the possibility of ensuring that we have 100% coverage on health issues for our players,” he added.

The welfare of professional footballers in Ghanaian top flight has been a major concern over the years and one aspect to improve it is the implementation of the minimum wage cap.

This has also been the reason for the major player exodus from the Ghana Premier League for a greener environment at the end of every season.

Connoisseurs believe the existence of the minimum salary cap will help reduce the wholesale departure of footballers from the Ghanaian scene.

Source: GFA

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