Ministry Of Aviation To Engage BA On Flights To London

Government says it has engaged the British Airways (BA) authorities to rescind their decision on changes in the London- Accra- London flight to Gatwick Airport.

A statement from the Ministry of Aviation on Tuesday said the government of Ghana was not in support of the BA decision to operate “BA Ghana Services from the London Gatwick Airport.

This means that all London-Accra- London BA flights would originate and terminate at London Gatwick Airport.”

The Statement said the BA in a same communication indicated that a new schedule was expected to start in the forthcoming summer.

It explained that following that decision, “The Ministry of Aviation convened a meeting at the instance of the then Minister, Mr Kofi Adda to the discuss the matter and to register it’s displeasure about the way and manner the decision was being taken without due consultation with the Ghanaian Authorities.

According to the statement, ” At the said meeting, the BA team promised to provide further information and data analysis to support their reasons for the changes of their services from London Heathrow airport to London Gatwick Airport and enable government of Ghana to take its final decision on the matter.

It noted that “the BA team is yet to provide any information as promised.”

Consequently, the statement said the Ministry of Aviation in a letter to the BA Authorities had rejected the changes and informed them that ” for the avoidance of doubt, we are unable to accept the changes in the London-Accra flight originating from Gatwick Airport.”

It said the Aviation Ministry was engaging the BA to also respect the position of the government of Ghana and the mutual interest of the two countries.

The statement assured the public of updating them on further engagements with the BA on the matter.


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