Ministry Of Health Provides Case Management/Surveillance Hotlines For Suspected Coronavirus Cases

Ministry of Health/ Ghana Health Service sets up a Call Center(Hotline) to handle public enquiry about Coronavirus Disease(COVID-19)

The Ministry of Health/Ghana Health Service as part of efforts to make information about the Coronavirus Disease(COVID-2019) readily available to the general public has set up a call centre with two dedicated lines which is operated 24hrs by well trained health staff. The call centre is hosted at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital.

The centre provides the opportunity for all who wish to get information about the disease(COVID-19) to call and interact with the trained health care operators.

The Numbers are:

The Service has also activated two dedicated lines for reporting of suspected cases as part of measures reduce the spread of the disease. Through these case management hotlines, a suspected case will be linked to the Rapid Response Team(RRT) so that a dedicated ambulance can be dispatched to pick such a person to a treatment facility. This will reduce re-infection by suspected cases travelling from their place of abode to a health facility to seek medical care.

Case Management/Surveillance hotlines
📞055 2222 004
📞055 2222 005

As we strive to ensure the safety and well-being of all citizens, we will entreat the general public to make good use of the Hotlines by calling when necessary.

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