Mixed reaction over end of Cameroon curfew

Residents have shown mixed reactions after an eight month curfew in north-western Cameroon was lifted, with some families saying they enjoyed seeing more of their husbands and fathers.

The curfew was originally enforced to contain separatist fighters who were inflicting heavy casualties on security forces, but it also encouraged men to go home early instead of staying out with friends.

“My attachment with my family has grown further because now my children see me more and I have no excuse to be out there,” said one man.

One woman said she and her children enjoyed the curfew as her husband would come early instead of going out drinking.

The governor of the region has refused to explain his reasons for lifting the curfew but during the time it was imposed, the situation worsened with increased kidnappings, beheadings, banditry and arson.

Some residents say they continue to go home early in order to stay safe.

Source: bbc.com

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