My Daughter’s $1m Gift Was A ‘Faith Cheque’, Not A Real One – Sam Korankye Ankrah

General Overseer for the Royal house Chapel International, Sam Korankye Ankrah, has described the $1 million gift given to his daughter on her wedding day as a ‘faith cheque’.

This comes after the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), in a letter gone viral on social media, summoned Naa Dromo Korankye-Ankrah for tax returns on her wedding gift.

However, explaining the motive behind the presentation ahead of the meeting, Rev. Korankye-Ankrah said the donors were acting by faith.

“Sometimes when you hear these things you need to have information and you need to know what to say and you need to answer them because here there is transparency and there is nothing to hide.

“The cheque was a ‘faith cheque’, not a real one. These young people are saying that they believe that one day on occasion like this they can be able to present a cheque of $1 million. That is the statement that they are making,” he explained.

Last week, General Overseer’s daughter received the dummy cheque from her friends as her wedding gift in a colorful ceremony that got social media talking.

Many people expressed mixed feelings about the practice, after which the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) issued a letter to the newlywed, demanding tax on the gift.

GRA also noted that Naa Dromo runs a business called NDKA Star for which she has never filed tax returns so she will be assisted to do that as well.

But Apostle Korankye Ankrah insisted that; “they presented the dummy cheque of $1 million but people did not get the idea behind the presentation.”

According to him, the rationale behind the gesture was misconstrued because the public “thought it was real money.”

“Quickly they turned the headlines, ‘Sam Ankrah gifts to his daughter who got wedded $1million’ and the thing went viral.”

Speaking to his congregants, the Apostle General further said; “I thank God that they are prophesying that one day, I’ll be able to gift my daughter one million dollars. The cheque is a faith cheque. I am being very careful at the moment how to choose my words because I do not want to present them in a manner that looks like they are joking. Because what you think is fun today, will become a reality tomorrow.”

Rev. Korankye-Ankrah subsequently urged the public to disregard any claims that his daughter has received $1 million as a gift from her friends during her wedding.

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