NADMO Cautions Owners Of Abandoned Vehicles May Pay Towing Fees For Abandoning Their Vehicles

The increasing numbers of abandoned vehicles in some parts of Accra have become an issue which needs to be tackled. In Madina, there have been numerous complaints by residents and commuters about abandoned vehicles as to why the police and municipality are not taking action against the offenders.

Abandoned vehicles fall within larger sets of problems involving motor vehicle regulation, social disorder and the illegal disposal of bulky hazardous waste.

Over the years, waste disposal has become a major challenge in Madina where some culprits even dispose sachets of water into gutters meant for the easy flow of water.

In an interview with the Director for NADMO in Madina, Forster Arthur indicated that the owners of abandoned vehicles parked on the side of the road will have to pay a token at the assembly before it is released.

He further expressed dissatisfaction on the issue of improper disposal of waste in the gutters, adding that continuous practice of the activity could lead to floods since the rains is yet to set in

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