NADMO’s mission to pump water from homes in Keta enters day two

The Keta Municipal office of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) is continuing with efforts to get water out of homes of residents of Kedzikope and other affected communities.

About 2,000 residents were displaced following tidal flooding resulting from waves attacks on about 300 households at Kedzikope, Abutiakope, and Keta Central on Sunday dawn.

A visit by the Ghana News Agency (GNA) to the community on Monday showed the exercise, which began on Sunday shortly after parts of the communities were submerged by the seawater, was in earnest in an attempt to pump the waters back into the sea.

The Municipal NADMO Coordinator, Mr Godknows Bleboo, in an interview with the GNA said he expected the exercise to pump the floodwaters into the sea with the 75mm water pumping machine, to last for two weeks.

On relief items for the people, he said, “I’m looking up to the regional office for items because the situation at hand is beyond the Municipal office.”

Meanwhile, the affected persons looked forward to the day their homes, rooms, and pathways would be dry again.

An elderly woman, Madam Berlinda Ablator Godonu who slept in her bed in the room taken over by the floods said, “it was a wet night and bed for me, but I preferred that to go to sleep at the community center, where a lot of other displaced persons were because there, I have to cope with noises of their children as well.”

Another, Madam Dadzengor Zaglago-Gbede said she was not even aware the homeless took refuge at the community and because she had nowhere to go, “I slept on top of this table here with my children.”


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