Fifteen television stations in Ghana have been issued a strong warning by the National Media Commission to desist from broadcasting content not deemed fit for the public.
According to NMC, there will be severe consequences for their actions if they don’t advise themselves.
These TV stations were reported by the public for showing content considered unacceptable by the standards of media ethics, Ghanaian culture, traditions, and norms.
In a statement issued on Thursday, the NMC said the commission has served the television stations involved notice to cease and desist from those activities; otherwise, there will be severe consequences.
The Commission said the reportage followed a collaboration between it and the National Communications Authority (NCA) to identify and address deficits in broadcast content.
It indicated that a total of 318 incidents were reported by the public. Out of the number of reported incidents, the commission said 224 were money-doubling incidents; 83 were money rituals; 24 were fake lotteries; 18 were occultic practices; and 13 were incidents of pornography.
The rest of the complaints related to fake loan schemes and people seeking to use fraudulent means to extract money from others.
The NMC added that it would soon brief the public on its decision on the TV stations involved.
Meanwhile, the commission said it would soon announce its decision on that matter involving Onua TV/Radio.
The NMC issued a final warning to Onua Radio/TV and Captain Smart over an inciteful broadcast.

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