Dr. Joe Anokye, Director General of the National Communications Authority, says the proactive actions by the Authority are the reason Ghana did not experience a complete internet outage during the undersea cable disruptions on March 14, 2024, adding that the cause of the undersea cable disruption is yet to be known. 
He said cable landing operators were close to reaching the cables to determine exactly what caused the disruption.
Dr. Anokye said this during a media briefing on the current state of internet connectivity in the country after the March 14 nationwide internet blackout. He said the internet situation was improving.

Dr. Anokye said the three major mobile network operators in Ghana—MTN, Telecel and AT—were advised to connect to submarine cables in the subregion as a backup alongside the ones they were connected to in the country’s territory.
He said that would enable them to run their operations effectively anytime they were faced with an undersea cable hitch by falling on other connections in the sub-region.

Dr. Anokye said the NCA, as of last year (2023), had licensed a fifth cable landing operator, 2 Africa Cable, which would be in full operation in the first quarter of 2025.
He said the cable was the only one that circled the entire African continent, providing geographical diversity and was far away from the other cables in the high seas.

He added that they were also in the process of licensing broadband networks for domestic use to complement those provided by the network operators. Dr. Anokye said those interventions were being put in place by the authority to ensure that data and internet services did not get disrupted anytime there was an undersea cable challenge.

Several countries along the West African Coast through to South Africa experienced widespread and massive internet outages when four submarine cables, which coincidentally were operational in Ghana, got disrupted underseas, leading to disruptions in data services.

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