NDC’s Mess and How NPP has turned things around

NDC Mismanaged economy for which growth had dropped from 14% to 3.6% forcing the country to go under IMF control

Economy expanded from 3.6% to 8.1% (Meaning the rate at which the economy was expanding under the NDC more than doubled under the NPP.

IMF programme exited in 2 years (Just like NPP did under Kufuor. NDC always ruins the economy when Ghanaians make the error of voting for them only for the NPP to come and clean up again!!!

• All Macroeconomic indicators e.g. Interest rates, inflation, budget deficit in right direction. This means a lot: it’s like the dashboard on a vehicle showing speed, temperature, oil & fuel levels. The driver ignores them to his and the peril of his passengers! Our households, businesses & nation depend on them!

• Failed banking and financial sector for which customers’ monies worth more than GHC 15 billion were either locked up or lost

• Banking sector recapitalized; deposits of 1.5 million depositors protected. (These deposits include tens of thousands belonging to small businesses which employ people who also have accounts and have families. All of these businesses and thousands they employ were on the verge of being totally ruined of the NDC had continued to be in charge!!!

• Deposits of 705,396 microfinance and rural bank customers secured (ie. Nearly Three quarters of a million people!!!

• Education sector which denied more than 150,000 qualified secondary school applicants place every year because of financial problems or lack of access

• More than 900,000 (that’s close to 1 million) students currently benefitting from free SHS programme of which 300,000 would not have had the chance

• About 8,000 new teachers recruited; Allowances of teacher trainees restored benefitting 45,000 trainees

• Teachers’ Salaries increased by 11%

• Capitation grant increased by 120%

• Ghana School Feeding Programme increased from 1,681,570 ( 1.6 m) to 2,589,618 (almost 2.6m) beneficiary pupils. That’s 1 million more children!!!

• Poorly constructed roads and GHC 11.2 billion worth of arrears due contractors and other service since 2013

• About 39,000 kilometers of roads rehabilitated ( approx 40,000 km!!!)

• 258 (Almost 260) road contracts totaling 3,000km awarded as well as 20 bridge projects

• GH¢4 billion of the GHC 5.7 billion roads sector debt dating back as far as 2013 cleared

• Instituted audit into GHC 11.2 billion road sector debt inherited; GH¢ 5.5billion found to be fraudulent saving Ghana a lot of money.

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