Nelly Responds to Critic Insinuating That Ashanti Should Be Ashamed of Him: ‘She Encourages My Happiness’

Nelly had some words for someone who criticized his marriage to Ashanti. 

The three-time Grammy winner, who’s expecting a chid with Ashanti, held an Instagram Live session on Wednesday night when someone issued a shady comment while he was livestreaming.

“She say, ‘He drunk as usual. It’s bedtime, poor Ashanti. He ghetto, coming on Live doing this. Shame on you,’” Nelly said while reading the person’s comment.

“Coming on Live doing what?” the rapper laughed. “I can’t play music? Let me tell you something, shawty: She’s straight. And she encourages my happiness. That’s why we’re together–I encourage her. So whatever makes me happy, she kick in. Whatever makes her happy, I kick in. So know that.”

He concluded, “So you ain’t gotta ‘poor her,’ it might be, ‘poor you.’ Get your shit together.”

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