New Force spokesperson Shalimar Abbiusi re-arrested

A spokesperson for the New Force political movement, Shalimar Abbiusi has been re-arrested after a charge of obtaining a student permit with false declaration against her was withdrawn.

The Belgian National was arraigned last week for allegedly presenting false documents of being a student of the Ghana Christian University College to obtain a residence permit.

The case was expected to go into full trial on Tuesday after she was granted bail to the tune of GHc 20,000.

But prosecutors from the immigration service led by ACI Adolf Aboagye Asenso revealed in court that they have instructions to withdraw the case.

The accused was thus discharged and the case struck out as withdrawn.

But moments after the accused stepped out of the courtroom, an immigration van picked her up. Citi News sources with the prosecution noted that she was re-arrested despite the decision to withdraw the case.

Her lawyers led by Francis Xavier Sosu, accused the immigration service of plotting to deport the accused.

“You came to the court and said that you have asked that the charges against the person be dropped. The charges are dropped and the person is discharged. Then you bundle the person as if she is a common criminal here. If you want the person in your office, from here we will come to your office. Last week when the court said we should be there three times we were there every single day. What kind of disgrace is this? What kind of international disgrace is this?

“Are we living in a democracy or are we living in a jungle? Honestly, I am sincerely disappointed. Because you the immigration officers came here and said that her permit has been revoked. If you have revoked her permit what is the evidence of the revocation? You should have brought it to the court and shown it to everybody. You didn’t do that then you bundle the person as if she is a common criminal and send her away.

“Why do you behave this way? That is a complete assault, It is completely uncalled for. Where we are going I think we are sending the wrong signal to the international community. After all, there are Ghanaians who are also in other countries.”

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