NLA Successfully Registers 18 Illegal Lotto Operating Companies; Several Others Going Through Process

The National Lottery Authority (NLA) has successfully completed the registration and Licensing Processes for some eighteen(18) illegal Lotto Operators who after due diligence and legal processes have qualified to operate under the National Lottery Authority.

Announcing this during the signing and license presentation ceremony, the Director-General for the National Lottery Authority Sammy Awuku described this as a major boost and stated that a considerable number of illegal operators are currently going through training and processes to attain the standard to operate under the NLA legally which he believes will boost the returns of the lottery Authority, and also prevent leakages in monetary returns due government.
In total, 16 companies were licensed under Act 722, out of which 2 companies were also licensed under Act 844.

The Director-General also indicated that NLA is confident in the credibility of these operators and urged customers to work with them.

Mr. Awuku explained that two separate licenses were issued for companies to operate under the National Lotto Act, 2006 (Act 722) and Veterans Administration, Ghana Act, 2012 (Act 844) which establishes the Veterans Administration of Ghana.

Touching on illegalities in the lotto industry, the Director-General of  NLA said “The NLA will not relent on our drive to clear illegal operators from the lottery industry, we have kept a human face to the whole exercise and have been extremely patient with these operators.

He further hinted that the NLA  will walk the talk and go after illegal operators, and stated that the NLA will not end by arresting them but will prosecute them.

On his part, a newly registered and licensed operator, Obiri Asara and Son Limited expressed his satisfaction and content to have registered and able to operate legally without any fear.
He described the move by NLA as a major step to sanitize the lotto industry

Companies licensed under Act 722:

Zacdow Compnay Limited

Glovita Lottery Limited

Miwo Kakraa Y3b3 di Nti Limited

Zinbx Construction Limited

Wulucky Ghana Limited

Accurate Giant Limited

From Home Company Limited

Sadaco-Hope Lottery Ghana

Companies License under Act 844:

Obiri Asara and Son Limited

From Home Company Limited

Wulucky Ghana Limited

Fortune Synergy Limited

Story by: Kwaku Stephen

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