NLA’s good Courses host over 200 Yilo residents to undergo health screening at Somanya

Over 200 people, comprising the young, old, and aged in Somanya and other communities in the Yilo-Krobo district in the Eastern region turned up to be screened for various health-related diseases on Wednesday, 21st September 2022.

Traditional rulers from the community and other neighboring communities were not left out as they also took turns going through the screening process.
Organized by the Good Causes Foundation, a charity arm of the National Lottery Authority (NLA) in partnership with Lafiya Clinic, the people were screened for diseases such as Blood Pressure (BP), Diabetes, Hepatitis B, and Hypertension.
The screening began at 10 am with the people seated patiently under tents waiting to take turns to go through the screening process and also receive medical attention as well as advice from medical officers present.

Medical officers took the opportunity to educate the people who had turned up for the health screening on health issues using the blend of the English language and the local dialect for better understanding.

A Physician Assistant at the Lafiya Clinic, Ms. Clara Nyarko said she realized during the screening process that some of the people were suffering from hypertension and were resorting to the use of herbal medicine for treatment.

She was of the view that resorting to herbal medicine was not a bad idea but it becomes problematic when the herbal treatment is received from unlicensed herbal clinics.
Additionally, Ms. Nyarko said, “most of them had the impression that the orthodox medicine has side effects so they want to take the herbal medication because those ones do not have side effects.”

Ms. Nyarko, therefore, implored the people to visit a licensed or authorized medical center at least twice a month for regular medical check-ups.

The Coordinator of the Good Courses Foundation, NLA, Ms. Amma Frimpong said the health screening was the second of many nationwide health screening exercises to be organized under the mandate of the Director-General of the NLA, Mr. Sammy Awuku.

She further added that it also afforded the NLA the opportunity to improve its relations with the community and educate them on its activities and operations while advising parents to ensure that their children below 18 years did not get involved.

According to Ms. Frimpong, the Foundation budgeted an estimated amount of GH80, 000 for the exercise which included the payment of medical staff, medications, and other expenses.

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Yilo-Krobo, Mr. Eric Tetteh lauded the NLA for the exercise saying it was important for the improvement of health among people living in the 33 municipalities in the Yilo-Krobo district.

The Assembly, he opined, was committed to ensuring that the health of the people in the district was improved through consistent education on sanitation leading to attitudinal change.

He, therefore, advised the people to observe good sanitation practices such as constant cleaning of the environment, regular exercising, and taking in of healthy diet.

Story by: Kwaku Stephen

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