Notify Fire Service Of Road Blockade For Us To Find Alternative Route To Fire Scenes -Fire Officer

Division Officer grade 3 of the Ghana National Fire Service Bibiani Ahwiaso Bekwai municipal, Joseph Imbrah has urged individuals who will be blocking roads during events or public gatherings to notify the service for them to find alternative access to fire scenes in case there’s one.

He said if the police service is made aware of such blockade the fire and even ambulance service, must be informed as well.

He identified that when the road to fire scenes is inaccessible, victims will blame the fire officers for not reporting to the scene on time without knowing what caused the delay.

Mr Imbrah seized the opportunity to advise individuals to be wary of how they use electrical gadgets urging that every Tom Dick and Harry get themselves fire extinguishers especially in every household to manipulate and mitigate outbreaks of fire in various homes.

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