Old System Of Movie-making In Nollywood Better Than Recent Ones – Veteran Nigerian Actor

Veteran Nigerian actor, Steve Eboh, says he prefers the olden system of movie-making to the recent system.

He believes that certain traits demonstrated by members of the old system like love, devotion, commitment, and passion are all missing in the members of the recent system.  

According to him despite how cumbersome the industry seemed back in the day, he still believes it was the best.

“Nollywood then was a little bit cumbersome because there were no GSM phones, no WhatsApp groups, we didn’t have internet, didn’t have anything to communicate with and we didn’t have the sophisticated technologies there are now but we had the best of scripts and the actors acted with so much passion and the scripts were good,” he told JoyNews.

“We had dedicated actors who acted with so much passion and drive for the industry; we had love for the industry, we were like a family and were motivated but not financial motivation. But now it is more of financial motivation and technology. So the difference between then and now is that then, we had good storylines but now you have the best of technology and everything at your disposal,” he revealed.

The actor expressed that despite the convenience of everything that contributes to the quality output of works in recent times, he still prefers the old system of movie-making since he believes the African story was told by the actors themselves, contrary to now when technology helps in telling the African story which he disagreed with.

Steve is one of the founding members of Nollywood and has contributed immensely to the growth of Nigerian movies to Africa and the rest of the world.


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