Omicron Variant: Kingdom Equip Network Issues Guidelines For Churches

The convener of Kingdom Equip Network, a Civil Society Organisation that represents Churches and Christian bodies, Dr Emmanuel Ansah has urged churches to be very wary of the new Covid variant, the Omicron, which infection is rising very fast in the country.

The Omicron Variant has raised its ugly head at a point when the world is ready to celebrate the birth of Christ with a sense of normalcy.

However, the new variant of the novel CoronaVirus brought back emotions reminiscent of December 2019, when cases began popping up across the world.

The body of Christ has been hit repeatedly by the effects of COVID and has had to adjust to the challenges it has posed and the recovery process.

Kingdom Equip Network, has therefore commended members of the various religious communities for what it described as compliance with measures put in place to curb Covid, coupled with ultimate faith in God.

Kingdom Equip Network as a partner for Churches and Religious stakeholders, has seen the need to release some guidelines for the Christmas and New Year’s Eve commemorative events. In a statement released to reputable members of the media, the Network said, that the emergence of the Omicron variant at a time when Christians are eager to worship the Lord and celebrate the birth of our savior poses new challenges, but they trust the Lord to keep his own

Some of the guidelines include measures to ensure safety of children, the elderly and the most medically vulnerable congregants.
This is what Dr Ansah said..

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