One Chelsea bidder matches Roman Abramovich’s £3bn valuations as we reach deadline day

Today is a deadline day in football, but not for clubs to confirm transfers of new signings, something much much bigger than that, at least for Chelsea Football Club anyway.

Today is the final day where interested parties can submit their official bids to buy Chelsea, with offers needing to arrive with Raine Group before 9 pm tonight (UK time).

It is going to mark the start of a new era at Chelsea, and things will never be the same again as we have all witnessed within the last 20 years under Roman Abramovich.

He is still involved in the sale though of course, and according to a report from The Times, there has been at least one bidder who has matched his £3bn valuations so far as we reach the end of the deadline.

There are no clues to who that party might be, and we are sure to expect to hear about more offers coming in today also.

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