Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), in collaboration with United States Special Operations Command Africa, have commenced Exercise Flintlock 2024.
The exercise, involving over 46 nations and scheduled for May 13–24, 2024, intends to strengthen the ability of key partner nations in the region to counter violent extremist organizations and facilitate adherence to cooperation and transnational security.
It would also enhance interoperability through joint operations and collaboration across borders, protect people while respecting human rights and build trust with civilian populations.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, the Deputy Chief Staff Officer of Operations and Training, Brigadier General Kweku Dankwa Hagan, expressed hope that the countries involved would show maximum interest in achieving the exercise objectives, foster partnerships in the area of security, and advance the fight against terrorism in the sub-region.
The leader of the US Army contingent, Special Forces J3 Commander, Captain Scott Fentress, thanked the GAF for hosting the exercise for the second consecutive year.
The effort he said shows the country’s dedication to operating within the frameworks of the rule of law and strengthening partnerships with the US Army.
Exercise Flintlock is the US Africa Command’s premier and largest annual special operations exercise, held annually since 2005 across the Sahel region of Africa among nations participating in the Trans-Sahara Counter-Terrorism Partnership. It is planned by African-partner nation special operations forces, Special Operations Command – Africa, and the US Department of State to develop capacity and collaboration among African security forces to protect civilian populations.

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