Parliament to probe killing of five suspected land guards at Bortianor

Parliament has launched an investigation into the killing of five individuals suspected to be land guards by the police.

Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Andrew Amoako Asiamah, has assigned the Defence and Interior Committee to conduct the inquiry and called upon the leadership of the Constitutional, Legal, and Parliamentary Affairs to collaborate with them.

The request for an investigation came from Sylvester Tetteh, the Member of Parliament for the area, and other lawmakers, who demanded that Parliament form an inquiry.

The incident occurred on June 8 during an anti-robbery and land guard operation in Bortianor.

The police have claimed that the suspects had been causing fear and distress among the residents and homeowners in Bortianor and nearby communities.

But, some residents have contested these claims, saying that some of the individuals killed were not land guards but ordinary residents.

To ensure a thorough examination of the matter, the Second Deputy Speaker set a deadline for the committee to present its report by the end of the month.

Andrew Amoako Asiamah said, “We are making the referral to the committee of the Defence and Interior, and we are asking the leadership of the Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs to also join the Defence and Interior Committee and report back by the end of this month.”

The investigation is aimed at revealing the truth behind the killings and providing justice for the victims and their families.

The Parliament assures the public that they will take the necessary actions depending on the results of the inquiry.

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