Poor Performance of SOEs Will be a thing of the Past – SIGA

Mr. Andrews Kwesi Frimpong, the General manager, finance and administration at the State Interests and Governance Authority has disclosed that the narrative of doing business in Ghana would change for the better due to strict measures put in place by  SIGA and also strengthen the working partnership with other relevant state institutions.

According to him, the issues of the poor aggregate performance of State Own Enterprises, weak governance structure, low returns to government among others are part of the challenges being tackled by SIGA to ensure that government succeeds.

He noted with keen interest the performance of these SOEs which he believes can help create more employment and generate more income for the government to support national development.

According to him, it was important for the state to be involved in the interest and governance of certain businesses in the economy and challenged the CEOs of the various institutions to work tirelessly and in unity.

SIGA is traceable to the State Enterprise Secretariat (SES), which was incorporated in 1965 under a Legislative Instrument (L.I. 47).

The core mandate of the State Enterprise Secretariat was to promote within the framework of Government policy, the efficient and profitable operations of Statutory Corporations engaged in trade and industry.

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