President Calls For Campaign , Devoid Of Tribal And Ethnic Sentiments

The President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo on day nine (9) of his self- isolation in a zoom meeting with his campaign communication advisory team has indicated that this years campaign must be centered on nothing less than comparing the project and policies of the two political parties(leadership) in Ghana.

He said, time has come for various political parties to indulge in a campaign that is not tribal induced but rather projects, social and economic interventions induced.

According to him, this years election and campaign is the first of it kind to have an incumbent President and his predecessor from the opposition party all campaigning to the people of Ghana, for another opportunity to serve.

In this regard the campaign narrative must be about comparing the two individual leadership and their economic and social interventions from education, health, policies and all others hence avoid the tribal tangent some political party has interwoven itself into over the years.

The President also acknowledged to his campaign communication advisory team that his self-isolation period has been the busiest ever, doing more readings and working on all backlogs.

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