Proposed Draft Bill On Witchcraft In The Pipeline – Speaker Of Parliament

The Parliament of Ghana has proposed a draft bill that will among other objectives prohibit the practice of professional Witchcraft or Wizardry and the declaration of a person as a Witch or Wizard and the molestation of a person on suspicion of being a Witch or Wizard.

This follows the recent beating to death of a 90-year-old woman by a group of persons on suspicion that the 90-year-old Woman is a Witch.

The Speaker of Parliament Rt Hon Prof. Aaron Mike Oquaye announced this in Parliament on Friday 14th August, 2020 before the House went on recess as the Second Meeting of the 4th Session (Year) of the 7th Parliament.

According to the Speaker, a Consultant on Private Members Bill, who has been engaged by Parliament is working on the draft bill which will be submitted to the House for consideration and passage into Law.

Rt Hon Prof Michael Aaron Oquaye congratulated members for their hard work which ensured the successful completion of the Second Meeting of the House.

“During the Second Meeting made up of 12 weeks of intensive work, 13 bills were passed into law whilst 11 Constitutional, Legislative and Executive Instruments were also passed by the House, ” the Speaker said.

In the Second Meeting, the House also adopted a motion for the enactment of Private Members Bill.

The Minister of Finance Mr  Ken Ofori- Atta also presented the Mid-Year Review of the 2020 Budget statement and economic policy of the government and the subsequent approval by the House of a supplementary Budget estimate of Ghc 11.8 billion for 2020 financial year.


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