Public Services Workers declare strike

Members of the Public Services Workers Union (PSWU) of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) have declared a strike starting Tuesday, July 19.

They cite the rising rate of inflation in the country and other factors as the reason behind their decision.

A press statement announcing the decision on Tuesday, July 12 said “This situation is further worsened by the refusal of the Government to grant a mandate for the negotiation of institution-specific conditions of service for a number of organizations under the Single Spine, and sometimes its resort to delaying tactics during negotiations.

“The over 27,000 workers within the over 65 public sector institutions that make up the PSWU feel the economic crunch in their pockets, with each passing day resulting in uncertainties of meeting basic needs. Obviously, a possible return to the IMF further complicates the economic uncertainties faced by public sector workers and flashes back memories of harsh labour policies that disadvantage the ordinary worker.

“Noticeably, a decision to enter into an IMF programme risk a return to a harsh industrial atmosphere rife with conditionalities such as the sale of critical and well-performing national assets, redundancies, freeze on employment, freeze in wages (an intention denied by His Excellency the President during his Remarks at the 1lth Quadrennial Delegates Conference of the TUC (Ghana) in Kumasi on 23rd March 2021).

“Further, for a number of workers who retired under the National Pensions (Amendment) Act,2014 (Act 883) which came into full force until January 2020, the disparity in their lump sum payments as compared to those who retired under PNDCL 247 has not been resolved.

“This has led to the already vulnerable members of our society, the aged, going through further economic hardships despite the firm assurances of the President to resolve this matter as far back as 13th October 2020 in the heat of the Elections Campaign.”

It stressed that “Consequently, at an Emergency Meeting of the Management Committee and representatives from the over 65 institutions that make up the PSWU, our members were left with no choice but to embark on a strike effective Tuesday 19th July 2022 until our concerns are addressed.”

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