RE- OVER 150 Ajumako Enyan Essiam NPP delegates defect to NDC

The New Patriotic Party in the Ajumako Enyan Essiam constituency has sighted a sickening yet unmarketable article on the blogger site seeking to make believe a surmised defection of over 150 delegates (the kind of delegates they are unstated) of the NPP to the opposition National Democratic Congress.

The public is entreated to disregard such malicious and deceptive intended circulating article, the content of it and the ill-briefed writer since each part does not reflect our attractive and supportive New Patriotic Party.

Political actors ought to be critical thinkers on how to build a nation, not on how to be swift liars when they feel their relevance is dwindling every minute.

The publication lacks substance for it’s intended purpose are imaginary and ill-filled

The audio and text quoted one Mr. Duncan Mensah who has been coached to mimic the character of a forced communication team member (his jurisdiction of operations, not traceable) in NPP in AEE constituency. He has no traces in our party. The Constituency communication team does not include anyone by such a chosen identity as Duncan Mensah. Whether the name is real or imaginary, does not exist in our polling station register.

Also, a lady is heard saying she has replaced her sister who was helped by Ato Forson to join the Ghana police Service. The supposed police officer is called Ama Beauty. Ama Beauty had been the cleaner of the NDC’s party office for close to Eight (8) years before she was given the opportunity her sister was talking about.
We therefore ask the public to ignore such a rehearsed narrative coming from an NDC who has been dictated to, to claim to have NPP origin. The characters in the audio did not tell the public their names and their polling stations to authenticate their claims.

A unified political party is the one which accepts varying views and make use of opinions. NPP has given room to anyone who loves to contest the upcoming parliamentary primaries elections. We did not hide the nomination forms nor deny anyone access to contest. We are dynamic yet unified.
How does it count if ones ‘Greatest Vision’ in a party is to remain the most meaningful personality in NDC?

NPP is in touch with the grassroot and the executives at all levels, and everyone’s relevance is felt. We have never discriminated against anyone, neither have we told Ajumako Enyan Essiam people that they have disappointed us like NDC’s Ato Forson is reported ( by )to have said at a durbar of chiefs and the people of Bisease during this year’s Abangye Festival.
Everyone counts in NPP, unlike what is happening in the NDC. did a very lazy and unprofessional journalism for not cross checking the origin and authenticity of their source of information but lapped up the raw unsubstantiated claims without verifying.
The attitude of self made and paid blogging lowers the standard of refined sharing of unadulterated news which gets consumed by people. We therefore request in equal measure, a space on your site to publish this rejoinder which aims at correcting the deceptive misinformation in circulation.

We again state that the publication is full of falsehood and propaganda,due to NDC’s desperation to gain power in 2020, so the public should put it in the bins where it rightly belongs.

Issued by
The NPP Communication Directorate,
Ajumako Enyan Essiam.

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