Reconstruction Of Tono Dam Spillway Resumes After Heavy Rain Disruption

Reconstruction of the Tono Irrigation Dam spillway in Navrongo which was put on hold during the rainy season has begun.

Work to rebuild the facility began almost two months ago when the contractor moved back to site shortly after the rains, which was a major challenge to the progress of work.

Heavy rains this season disrupted efforts being made by authorities to fix the damaged excess water channel that was destroyed in 2019. The rains caused a spillage resulting in a massive destruction of progress made and eventually compelled the contractor to suspend work.

The rains damaged the foundation of the retaining walls as they were being erected and the meticulously compacted floor. The strong pouring spillage inflicted deep cavities on the floor, same as it was first destroyed in October 2019.

The rain damage brought the contractor who was progressing steadily back to square one.

The contractor has begun repairing the damages caused by the rains, including the excavation of the floor and compacting same with red gravel aiming at a thickness of 4 meters.

He said the site has returned to its busy, noisy atmosphere as workers were busily cutting, digging and hammering to achieve desired results.

Metal frames, he reported, were also being formed to be used along with concrete for the effective reinforcement of the retaining walls and floor.

He said he, however, observed that there was a small number of workers and construction machinery at the site.

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