Restrict movements to safe areas – Ghana’s Mission in SA to Ghanaians

The Ghana High Commission in South Africa has advised members of the Ghanaian community to be vigilant and restrict their movements as the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) plan a nationwide protest.

In a circular, the High Commission warned Ghanaians to avoid mass gatherings and contact the police for assistance when required.

The High Commission also encouraged members of the Ghanaian community to contact the Mission in case of emergency or any occurrences that affect them directly.

South Africans are nervously awaiting a “national shutdown” Monday announced by the radical opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party, which wants the country to come to a standstill due to a number of grievances.

Julius Malema, leader of the EFF, the third-largest party in Parliament, said South Africans are tired of rolling power cuts being implemented daily, corruption and unemployment among other issues.

The party is demanding that President Cyril Ramaphosa steps down because he is allegedly not running the country properly.

“On the 20th of March, we have to shut down this country to show the whole world that we are concerned about the state of affairs. We can’t fold our arms,” Malema said in a video message on the weekend.

He said the shutdown could be the beginning of an unstoppable revolution. The party has requested non-essential workers to remain home or join the protest.

Ramaphosa warned Thursday that the EFF’s planned protests were not a mere shutdown but an attempt to overthrow the government.

On Sunday, he informed parliament that 3,474 members of the South African National Defense Force have been deployed to support the police in the prevention and combating of crime and preservation of law and order.

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