Sam George gets into serious trouble in NDC over LGBTQI claims

The Ningo-Prampram National Democratic Congress (NDC) seemed to have repudiated its Member of Parliament (MP), Sam George Nartey, following his cases that some unknown Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) have promised to unseat him in the gathering’s next parliamentary primaries on the off chance that he keeps on assaulting them.

As indicated by an assertion gave by the Constituency Deputy Communications Officer, Shehu Usman Mohammed, Samuel George Nartey’s case that obscure LGBTQI contacted him on his phone to caution him that in the event that he keeps on being boisterous against their tasks in the nation was at this point one of his typical consideration looking for acts and should be overlooked.

The Deputy Communications official, in the articulation, said that case couldn’t be valid and that it was only a finesse move by the MP to court compassion casts a ballot in front of the following primaries.

“We have observed the case by Hon. Sam George, MP for the Ningo-Prampram Constituency, that he got a call from an obscure individual who said they [LGBTQ people] will utilize their monetary ability to guarantee that he [Sam George] misfortunes the following parliamentary primaries political decision he might be challenging in his body electorate so he would not have the option to have a talking voice in the nation once more.

“The MP is said to have made this case on GhOne TV a week ago. This case by our MP has been distributed by sites like and We discover the case as one borne out of wickedness and a plain falsehood determined to discolor the picture of whoever will challenge the MP at our next primaries according to OK speculation residents in the body electorate.

“Clearly, the case is to make the individuals who won’t see through this lie to come to the end result during the gathering’s next electorate primaries that Hon. Sam George’s adversary is being financed by the LGBTQ gathering. Thusly, by far most of Ghanaians in the supporters who are passionately against this sort of spoil sexual direction will naturally mobilize to his motivation against whoever is challenging him,” Shehu Mohammed said.

The assertion proceeded with that “One shouldn’t be a scientific genius to see through the substandard strategies the MP is utilizing. For what reason will LGBTQ individuals target just him when he isn’t the solitary MP who has denounced their endeavor to have their exercises perceived and authorized in Ghana? A few MPs from the two sides of the political gap, including Hon. Haruna Iddrisu, the head of the NDC gathering in Parliament and MP for Tamale South, Hon. Mahama Ayariga, who is MP for Bawku Central, Hon. Merciful Apaak, MP for Builsa South, Hon. John Ntim Fordjour, MP for Assin South, and Hon Adwoa Sarfo, MP for Dome-Kwabenya have all spoken freely against LGBTQ’s endeavors to acquire a traction in Ghana.Their remarks have been conveyed by both the electronic and print media and is on the World Wide Web. Why have they additionally not gotten a similar call from the LGBTQ taking steps to guarantee they lose in their next primaries?

“Hon. Sam George should stop the untruths and the endeavor to spread fair people who will need to challenge him. We approach Ghanaians, particularly NDC allies in the Ningo-Prampram Constituency to disregard the case by our MP, which is his very own illusion creative mind. It is extremely unlikely any such gathering as the LGBTQ will assume any part either secretively or plainly in the primaries of the gathering in the voting demographic on the grounds that the electorate’s next primaries will be challenged, as has consistently been the situation, by people of high good norms who will recoil at the general thought. At the point when the opportunity arrives, let any resident who wish to challenge in the primaries do as such without let or block. The person should not be put off by Hon. Sam George’s bogus case,” the assertion finished up.

Shehu Mohammed’s press explanation followed the consuming indignation among some branch chiefs of the NDC in the Constituency, who said they have abandoned their MP even before the gathering begins its revamping nearby, for his supposed censorious remarks recommending that they, as representatives, could be impacted by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) people group to cast a ballot against him in the following primaries.

The Ningo-Prampram dubious MP, a weekend ago, made a sketchy charge that his political future had been undermined after he as of late denounced LGBTQ advocates and their lenders in the country.

As indicated by him, subsequent to offering his remarks on TV last Friday, February 19, he got a call from an obscure individual the following day who said, they [LGBTQ], would utilize their monetary ability to guarantee that he, Sam George, loses the following parliamentary primaries he might be challenging in his electorate.

“You know when I talked first a week ago Friday on a TV organization, over the course of the end of the week; I got a call and that is the thing that has disturbed me and made me go full scale that we should have a hard and fast battle. Somebody disclosed to me that look, do I [Sam George] know how rich the LGBTQI people group is and that they will bring cash and ensure that the stage that I have as a MP that I think gives me the option to talk… they will meet me at my primaries,” the MP said on GhOne TV last Friday.

In any case, in a sharp reaction to the case which they depicted as imaginary, a portion of the branch chiefs who indignantly addressed this entrance said Mr Sam George definitely realizes that he doesn’t have the slimmest chance of winning the following parliamentary primaries in the voting demographic, subsequently the seeking for compassion from general society.

They said his initial surrendering of rout in front of the primaries doesn’t come to them as an amazement since they are altogether mindful that he didn’t win the last parliamentary primaries as the gathering wrongfully and despicably controlled the cycle to force him on them.

“He realizes we won’t decide in favor of him regardless of whether he draws in the fiend himself in a battle. Furthermore, he likewise realizes that he didn’t win the last primaries and was entrusted by the very party that controlled the interaction to support him to be guardian Parliamentary Candidate. He realizes we decided in favor of him during the overall races only for the gathering,” a gathering of inhabitants at Dawhenya indignantly noted.

Some of them noticed that his case that the LGBTQI people group had taken steps to fund someone to unseat him during the primaries is an immediate assault and a by and large affront on anyone who might challenge him in the following primaries.

“We as a whole know his rival with regards to Ningo-Prampram NDC and he is a set up money manager and an independent man with enough assets and needn’t bother with any monetary help from anyone or LGBTQ people group to have the option to beat he (Sam George). His rival has the monetary muscle to beat him quickly, whenever.

“To recommend that his rival, who is hitched with youngsters and an affirmed against LGBTQ will stoop so low to acknowledge abhorrent cash from a particularly wretched gathering to fund his political, is most definitely a discourteous and inconsiderate can’t proceed oblige such character peacefully. Ningo-Prampram voting demographic merits a respectable pioneer as a Member of Parliament,” they affirmed.

A visit to both Old and New Ningo just as Prampram uncovered that most electorate are not content with their MP’s wild case, depicting it as a demonstration of weakness and simple consideration looking for since practically all MPs are opposing the corrupt exercises of the LGBTQI people group in Ghana.

“He isn’t the lone Member of Parliament who is facing the malevolent exercises of gays and lesbians in the country. A large number of his associates have strikingly criticized them and we have never heard any of them making the wild case that gays and lesbians have undermined them. Why he alone?” one of the occupants questioned.

Some of them blamed him for setting an abhorrent plan in front of the primaries to label his adversary as one who got uphold from the LGBTQI people group should he be beaten in the following parliamentary primaries.

“What our MP is attempting to do is to set a plan to paint his rival, who he realizes will win the following parliamentary primaries, as someone who acknowledged help from the gays and lesbians should he (adversary) beat in the following primaries which extremely self-evident. He has being painting his adversary constantly and we have been quietness yet this time we will not pause for a minute or two and permit him to proceed with it. That’s it,” one of them said.

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